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Madre de Dios - Home of unending forests, winding rivers and abundant wildlife, Madre de Dios is a wildlife reserve and refuge for species such as the maned wolf and marsh deer. This region is also home to indigenous communities and boasts the richest biodiversity in the world, such as Lake Sandoval, Lake Valencia, Manu National Park, and Tambopata National Reserve.
Loreto - The mighty Amazon, the longest river in the world that unites the people that live in the heart of the rainforest, crosses this region. Its forests grow on white sands and are home to an extremely diverse array of flora and fauna. You will find exotic places to visit such as the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve with its pink dolphins coexisting with native communities.

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Amazon Canopy Walkway

Lima / Iquitos / Sacred Valley / Machu Picchu8 Days



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Jungle Deluxe Adventure

Lima / Arequipa / Puno / Route of the Sun / Cusco / / Puerto Maldonado - 12 Days

from U$ 985
Peru Wildlife Expedition

Lima / Puerto Maldonado / Cusco / Huayna Picchu / Rainbow Mountain - 9 Days

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Sunset on the Amazon River

Lima / Peruvian Paso Horse / Iquitos / Heliconia Amazon Lodge – 6 Days

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