Peru Full Adventure will provide you with an FREE Smartphone for the entirety of your stay in Peru. This will allow you to have Internet, make international calls to the U.S. and use all the Social Media you desire at no extra cost.
Terms and Conditions:
  • The Smartphone application applies to all our packages regardless of the length of stay.
  • The Smartphone must be requested of your agent prior to your arrival in Peru, and you must have signed the responsibility form as well.
  • One Smartphone is offered per file (Package).
  • The Smartphone is allocated 2 GB of data for the duration of your trip. This means HD movies should be avoided.
  • Not applicable to countries in South America
The Smartphone will be delivered to the passenger upon arrival in Peru by a member of our team.
Before you depart Peru, a Peru Full Adventure team member will meet you to request the return of the Smartphone. If the passenger fails to return the Smartphone, the company will apply the conditions previously accepted on the responsibility form.


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