Ecoamazonia Lodge is an Ecological 11856.1ac Reserve within the rainforest in the heart of Amazon paradise in Tambopata, Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru. Few places in the world nature shows so magical conjugation of a vibrant forest, winding rivers, huge swamps, forming lush sustainable ecosystems aguajales, this is why Puerto Maldonado is known as the capital of the Biodiversity of Peru.
Alluvial forests make the area protected by Eco Amazonia Lodge, a tourism project which aims to bring together the visitor with nature.
Location and Access
There are daily flights from and to Puerto Maldonado. Transfers from Airport to Puerto Maldonado, City Tours and Boat Dock. Eco Amazonia Lodge, located two hours from Puerto Maldonado navigating Madre de Dios River
Facilities and rooms
Eco Amazonia Lodge has 50 Bungalows designed and built from local materials following standards of environmental and social responsibility, to provide the comfort, meet your expectations and a feel safe during your stay.
The environment of each room is properly furnished with nets (avoiding the entrance of insects); comfortable room with a master, double or triple beds and private bathroom. Amenities include.
Comfortable rooms / Private Bathroom with Shower/ Restaurant/Bar and Game Room/Pool
Lighting and Electricity                                      
The lodge is powered by a limited power plant that provides electricity only from 5pm to 10pm.
During this period, recharge your batteries and make use of the fans that are offered on site and rooms (bungalows).
Ecoamazonia Lodge invites you unplug yourself from the outside, loud and cyber world, is one of the greatest advantages of not offering phone, Internet and TV. In case of emergency radios are available 24hr.
  • Open until 10pm
  • We offer exotic drinks to suit all tastes
*For your safety and that of other tourists: It is not allowed to consume alcohol or celebrations inside the rooms after the BAR closing time (10pm). *You will be expelled without the right to a refund if this policy is not met.
Dining Room
  • Breakfast: 5:30am - 7am
  • Lunch: 1pm - 2pm
  • Dinner: 7pm- 8 pm
*If you are vegetarian please inform the reservation system or at the time of booking.
Our rooms (bungalows) have been constructed from wood materials from the area under environmental standards and social responsibility; it is for these reasons that smoking is prohibited inside the rooms or ignite any type of fire or combustion.
Because our limited electricity supply, EcoAmazonia Lodge offers no laundry service, if necessary we will gladly sent it to Puerto Maldonado.
Safe Box
If carrying valuables please let us know at reception in order to be put in our safe box.
For your safety and peace of mind we ask you to keep discussions and noise level low after 22 hours (10pm) to allow a relaxing break and a valuable time to enjoy the deep sounds of the jungle.
It is forbidden to enter the Bungalows with muddy shoes or boots, also we ask not to use your room towels for this purpose, it is your responsibility to take care and keep your Bungalow clean, you will be charge an extra fee for any damages to the room or lodge.
For your personal hygiene, we offer natural and 24hrs purified water from the river. Please help us save and care for our valuable water, so please close any open faucets while not using them.
The dining room also offers purified water and treated with ozone. It can be supplied at no cost during service hours.
EcoAmazonia Lodge invites you unplug yourself from the outside, loud and cyber world, is one of the greatest advantages of not offering phone, Internet and TV. In case of emergency radios are available 24hr.
First Aid and Emergencies
In case of emergency we have a first aid kit that is equipped to deal with any low risk situation. If a serious situation or condition arise, an immediately action to be transferred to Puerto Maldonado will take place.
Although very rare in the area, vaccination against Yellow Fever and Malaria days before travel is highly recommended.
Walks and Tours
Please be responsible if you smoke during walks and remember that the forest is highly combustible. Do not discharge cigarette butts in the forest and pollute the environment.
Remember not to throw garbage in the forest, carry or ask for extra bags at the lodge if needed and help us care and control pollution.
For your safety and the safety of others keep your distance, observe, do not harass animals and do not collect plants.
Tour Guides
Our tour guides are prepared to offer an experience in your preferred language: Spanish, English, French.


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