Heliconia amazon river lodge, named after the beautiful tropical flower: Heliconia, is one of the most exclusives lodges in the peruvian amazon. It is surrounded the rainforest, islands and lagoons full of wildlife. This is a beautiful place to rest and make many activities like bird watching, observation of pink dolphins, jungle hikes, etc.
Location and access
Heliconia amazon river is located on the banks of the majestic amazon river (margin left side) in Yanamono’s communal reserve, to 80 km away from Iquitos city. Reserve that deserved the recognition to possess the most quantity of arboreal species in this part of amazon jungle.  This recognition and the characteristics of Yanamono’s ecosystem commitment us to protect each portion of this jungle with daily sustainable work with the local communities.
To access this place, you must fly to Iquitos from Lima on a daily commercial flight that lasts 90 minutes. From the airport you will be transported to the port of Bellavista, where you will board our speed boat and take a ride for a 1 hour and 15 minutes downstream of the amazon river
Facilities and rooms
Our lodge facilities were built with friendly criteria to the environment and always complying with safety standards, a key aspect of our business. The lodge has a traditional and rustic design of the houses in the amazon river and was built on stilts by the proficient teachers of Yanamono community
The lodge is an eight-building complex, four of them belonging to rooms, the lobby / bar, dining room, kitchen, pool area and other common areas. The roof of the lodge is built entirely using branches of palm leaves called “crisnejas” while the floors in the common areas are wooden, the floor in the bedrooms are tiles.
The twenty-one rooms, restaurant, lobby/bar and hammock bungalow are completely protected by screens (prevents the entry of mosquitoes) and connected by corridors roofed with palm leaves
The twin, double and family rooms are spacious and comfortable. The walls dividing each room were built using a combination of native wood with dry wall, and also have ceilings that provide privacy for each room. The side that overlooks the forest and gardens has terraces (where hammocks are located) or 2 large windows on each side keeping the rooms ventilated. All rooms have private bathrooms and hot water for showers which is supplied by the amazon river previously crystallized chlorinated
The rooms are not soundproof
At Heliconia lodge we provide our guests with three meals a day
The buffet service at the lodge is available for no less than 10 guests. Otherwise the food service will be served directly to each table and the meals consist of salads, a main course and deserts combining the regional peruvian and international cuisine. We also offer bottled water, coffee or tea and refreshments during each meal.
The additional requests for refreshments, fruit juice, bottled water and sodas will be charged.
We recommend you inform prior to your arrival of any food dietary restrictions, allergies or special diets to program inputs before arriving at the lodge. To families with children we recommend you get in touch with the administrator to make any food arrangements.
Lighting and electricity                                      
The electric generator (completely encapsulated) is used for short periods: 2 hours in the morning and approximately 5 hours at night. Use this time to charge your batteries and/or electronic devices.
From 10:00 pm. To 6:00am Heliconia lodge is lit by the dim and romantic light of kerosene lamps providing a magical atmosphere to the place. We recommend that you bring a good flashlight to move through the corridors of the lodge, if you wish.
Electricity: 220v* 60 Hz – type an outlet
During your stay at the lodge you may still have signal for your movistar cell phone and occasionally claro cell phone, but we suggest you turn it off. We do not have public phones or internet.


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